Salon – Jane Weston: Charlie Hebdo

You are invited to a Salon

featuring Jane Weston Vauclair 

speaking about her PhD thesis which examines Charlie Hebdo

Thurs March 19 at 20:00

Hosted by Erin Byrne


Jane Weston Vauclair has a PhD in French Studies from the University of BristolHer thesis, which she is currently preparing for publication, examined humour in Hara-Kiri and Charlie Hebdo in its theory, practice and subsequent mythologisation. Over the course of her  research, she was able to spend time at the offices of Charlie Hebdo and to interview its contributors on their work. She has lived in Paris since 2005 where she now works as a translator, teacher and independent researcher.  She also enjoys travel, choral music and creative writing.


Charlie Hebdo became a global name following the tragic events of January 7 2015 in Paris. Following this, two competing, somewhat reductive forms of commentary on Charlie Hebdo rapidly emerged in the global media. Could Charlie Hebdo effectively be sidelined as a case of egregiously irresponsible and offensive satire, even if the attacks per se were inexcusable? Or could its cartoonists instead be championed as martyrs to free speech, having proved to have a backbone of conviction and courage that had been lacking elsewhere in the media? I will look to highlight how Charlie Hebdo’s contributors have been engaging with these tensions, both in the ‘survivor’s issue’ of 14th of January 2015 and in other spaces of commentary.

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March, 2014 – Literary Salon, île Saint Louis, Paris – Gonzague Pichelin, artist and filmmaker presents his Love Letters project

You are invited to a Salon,

an evening of creative inspiration and conversation,

featuring Gonzague Pichelin, artist and filmmaker

presenting his Love Letters Project

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December, 2013 – Reading, Book Passage, Corte Madera, 7:00 pm. Two poems, The Night Café and Coltrane Twilight, from anthology Burning the Midnight Oil

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Salon, Paris

You are invited to

A Satirical Salon

With writer Philip Murray-Lawson

Sunday, April 7 at 6 pm

Hosted by Erin Byrne

“Parody, despite its humorous effect, is involved in the very serious business of pointing out what is to be avoided in a real world of pain and suffering.”

– Carter Kaplan Critical Synoptics 2000 Associatied University Presses

What do the following works of fiction have in common?


The Satyricon, Guargantua, Gullivers Travels, Candide, Alice in Wonderland, Moby Dick, Lolita, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy…


They are all examples of Menippean Satire.


In this talk, I will be giving a personal analysis of Menippean Satire. We will be discussing its classical origins, its main characteristics, its resurgence in postmodern literature and its aims which go beyond the purely literary to reach a philosophy of life itself.

philip bioPhilip MURRAY-LAWSON


Philip Murray-Lawson studied History in the University of Aberdeen. He lives in Paris where he runs Evolution-abc, a language consulting company.

His first works were translations of fin de siècle author Marcel Schwob. They appeared in Udolpho, the Gothic Society periodical, to which Philip also contributed non-fiction.

A collection of horror stories Heresies was published in 2000.

He is published in Vignettes &Postcards published by Shakespeare &Co and contributes works of Menippean satire to Emanations, an annual anthology published by International Authors.