Filming, Paris – Three short films: Wings Trailer, The Mirror of Montmartre, and Signs

filming cour du commerce st andreThe week of filming celebrated all I love about Paris.  People welcomed us graciously, showed interest, and eagerly offered ideas – a book signing here, a party there, anything at all.  In cafés, connections sparked, continual electrical currents.  At sunset, the Seine flickered as people wandered along the quais, or stopped to listen to jazz trios jamming on bridges.  The city invited all to be enthralled, charmed, romanced.– “Out Into Paris”, Postscript in Wings, Gifts of Art, Life, and Travel in France
slaves illuminated

Michelangelo sculpted his Slaves during years of unceasing labor for pope after pope, often waiting for payment, and to me, the marble captives carry his own desperation.

– “The Mystique of Art”,  Wings


Gratitude to my awesome filmmaker, Rogier Van Beeck Calkoen, whose work is meticulous, gorgeous, and brilliant.