Deep Travel Storytelling, Marrakech

Hajj seemed to be woven of the ancient and the modern.  He embodied stories the Berbers told centuries ago, and looked the picture of a traditional Moroccan Hakawati, but often he pulled his phone out of the pocket of his robes and huddled over it; or sat down on a step and leaned forward, elbows on knees, dragging on a cigarette like the Moroccan Marlboro Man while teasing my co-instructor Doug about being shebe (white-haired); or whipped out his Kindle to read a line or two.  But when Hajj told a story, time and distance morphed and language was transcended.  – “The Ancient Storyteller of Morocco”, Afterword in Vignettes & Postcards From Morocco” (August, 2016, ReputationBooks)

A million shukrans to the dynamic Mike Richardson, owner of Café Clock in Fez, Café Clock in Marrakech, and Scorpion House in Moulay Idriss for MOST gracious hospitality and event organization, and to Rose Button at Dar Zerhoune for hosting our Deep Travel writers.

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